Key Features

Project Q is packed with new features, many of which have been requested by school coordinators.

Key Features

  • Online Production Log
  • Export Production Log into exam board format
  • Message students
  • Student Journal / blog
  • Student folder/storage area
  • Whole cohort status at a glance
  • Sign off and lock down sections
  • Timeline / Calendar
  • Add own resource pages and shared files and folders
Production Log

Keeping track of a 'dog-eared' paper production log or an electronic version being emailed back and forth can be frustrating. Lost, damaged, overwritten...

Project Q stores the Production Log online.  It can be accessed anywhere by both supervisor and student.

Supervisors lock down sections on completion with the status clearly showing that the section is complete.

At the end of the project, the log is merged into the official board documentation ready for checking, printing, signing and submission.

Production log




Recording the progress of completing a project is important in order to fully reflect on the process.

Project Q includes an optional journal area where students can create blog style entries.  This could be used to record notes, thoughts or research.  This is shared with the student's supervisor.

Timeline / Calendar

The timeline is visible on the main home/welcome page for every student and supervisor attached to the course. This is useful to record important deadlines.




Messageboard / Conversations

Keeping in touch with students can be difficult and frustrating, especially if you're not timetabled to see them.

Project Q has an integrated message board system. Students can send messages to their supervisor or other teachers. Supervisors and Coordinators can send a message to their own groups, all students, all supervisors or individual people.

An email alert is sent notifying the recipient with the message being displayed on both the the senders and recipients' message board on their homepage.

Student Status

Keeping track of student and supervisor progress can be difficult without a central system such as Project Q.

The student status screen provides an overview of progress for the whole cohort. You can group by supervisor group or by searching for a specific student.

Student status
Course resources
Course Resources

Similar to a VLE, Project Q has a 'Resources' section where coordinators and supervisors can create pages or upload resources to be shared by students and teachers.  

This is useful to store external links, specific instructions and resources from taught skill sessions.

Supervisor Notes

Supervisors can add notes which are date and time stamped next to each student. These are hidden from students but can be seen by all staff.  This is a place to record notes of sessions or guidance given.

Course resources