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Project Q


V4 Coming Soon


 A new version of Project Q will be available from mid-August. The update will feature:

  • Simple formatting in the Production Log and Edexcel Log
  • Autosaving and visual save indicator
  • Improved communication
    • Supervisor discussion thread alongside the Production Log. Useful for signalling to supervisor of new information to be reviewed or specific questions relating to the page
    • Inbox
    • Reactions
  • Centralised Resources
    • Re-use resources and material across cohorts/courses
  • Manage and set default text for areas such as Taught Skills
  • Responsive design for tablets and phones
  • Support for Microsoft 365 Single Sign On

Although there are differences, improvements and a fresh new look, the general interface remains the same to help reduce the need for additional training.

On launch, school coordinators will be required to manually switch each course to the new version. Placing this in the control or coordinators will help to minimise disruption and provide time to communicate new changes to staff and students.

All remaining courses will be converted on 21st September 2020.

 Example V4